We are proud to offer title programs with Ultimate Air Dogs(UAD), United Kennel Club(UKC) and Australian Shepherds Club of America(ASCA).  One jump at Hudson River Air Dogs will go towards 3 different titles.  Separate rules apply for each organization, read below to learn how. 

Ultimate Air Dogs Title program is included with each membership.  You do not have to register separately to earn titles through UAD.  Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Air Dogs tile program

The Australian Shepherds Club of America has a title program open to all breeds and mixed breeds.  Your dog does not have to be an Aussie to earn titles through ASCA.  Separate registration is required.  Click here to register with ASCA.  All you need is a $10 Service membership to earn dock jumping titles.  The Australian Shepherds Clubs title program works differently from UAD and UKC.  They use different divisions and a points system to calculate the titles.  Click here to see a complete set of ASCA dock jumping rules.

Dock Jumping T‚Äčitles

The United Kennel Club is one of the leading kennel clubs in the country.  Your jumps will be submitted to the UKC title program after every event.  Separate registration is required.  Click here to register with the United Kennel Club.  Click here to see the complete UKC rules