2014/15 Sponsors

We are currently looking at securing vendors for our exciting season. We are quickly lining up events and are expecting to pass our original expectations. We are handling each vendor on a one to one basis.

Please contacts us for more info.

At Hudson River Air Dogs sponsorship is important to us. Our core mission is family fun with our canine friends. Sponsorship helps us to provide the needed equipment and to cover the expenses associated with running a club. As we grow we will also be looking for ways to return the support to deserving organizations and communities.

Become a sponsor for Hudson River Air Dogs and receive benefits such as banner placements, announcements at events, links on our website and more. We don't have a set rule as far what is requested and what is offered. Rather we like to handle each sponsorship on an individual basis and work with each other. This allows us to offer benefits to a wide range of sponsors and to still keep it FUN.

Please contact us for more info.